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This is an invite only private community club of likeminded people all with the same passion for the pursuit of freedom, and a life built on their terms like you!

– You will learn a ton of new information, but more importantly, you will learn even more from executing and finishing.

– In our Facebook group we celebrate success. And we help you overcome obstacles on your journey.

– This is kinda like a mastermind where you get to create lasting relationships, and doing win win deals with others.

– We encourage experimenting over procrastination.

– Although we support open discussion, we’re against the “opinion overload” – where everyone has a freaking opinion on stuff they’ve never done before.

– When in doubt, run an experiment and test a set of assumptions QUICKLY.

– We run challenges because they are a great way to motivate action and get results quickly. Less Thinking more DOING.


It’s not a place to spew out opinions on stuff you’ve never done before.

Our Members Only Facebook Group IS about:

1. asking great questions,

2. execution,

3. finishing.

It’s not a place for complainers and excuse makers. An excuse is nothing more than the inability to take focused meaningful action that yields the highest leverage. Talking is easy.

It’s not for “fly on the wall” observers.

WARNING: I will not hesitate to cancel someone’s subscription and ban them from ever joining again if they prove to be a serial “99% Club” person, incapable of executing and finishing.

AND is not about MORE INFORMATION as an excuse for not executing and finishing.

If this sounds like it’s the group for you…take a moment and…

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Again, it’s our goal to see you succeed in this business and we’re providing all of the tools needed for you to do so. If you’re ready to add positive change into your life and to grow…

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